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I hurt my wrist 20 years ago while ice skating. Over the years the pain seemed to go away until a few years ago. I started experiencing dull, achy, sharp, and shooting hand and wrist pain.

Over the past few years I had seen medical doctors, chiropractors, and hand specialists and still continued to have severe pain. I was told to do exercises; which I did faithfully, wear a wrist brace 24/7, and finally I was diagnosed with ligament damage and told that my condition was due to old age! I'm only 56 and very active and fit.

It was at that time that I ran into a dear friend who asked me about my wrist brace. She told me to go see Dr. Kirk. She explained she also had wrist pain that Dr. Kirk was able to correct. After some deliberation I called Dr. Kirk's office. Everyone at Dr. Kirk's office office is so sweet, soft spoken, happy, and genuinely concerned for each of the patients that come in.

Dr. Kirk specializes in extremities! He performed specific wrist adjustments and gave me stretching and strengthening exercises. My wrist is so much better! I feel so blessed and so grateful to Dr. Kirk for his knowledge and his skills in helping me! Running into my friend, sharing her "testimony" of Dr. Kirk, and then being a patient of Dr. Kirk is a sweet miracle in my life. What a difference he has made and I am so appreciative and thankful for him.

Sylvia T.

A friend at church had told me about Dr. Kirk and since my back had been hurting for 2 months I was ready to get rid of the pain. The pain not only affected my work out schedule, but it also made it difficult to sleep.

I am happy to report that the pain in my back and hips has subsided, and I'm back to normal activity. Even if you are skeptical try Dr. Kirk's chiropractic approach. It really works!

Thank you very much Dr. Kirk for improving my life by adjusting my body. You have played a huge role in improving my ability to minister to students in the Owasso area! I also really appreciate your lively and friendly staff. Brooke and Erin are always warm and welcoming every time I come in for my appointments!

Brenan F.

I was referred to Dr. Kirk by a friend for my foot pain but was very skeptical because I had spent the last three years going to podiatrists, physical therapists, and trying everything else I could think of. Before I saw Dr. Kirk, I had to wear tennis shoes with inserts at ALL times – even with my pj’s! I was in so much pain, some days I could barely walk by the end of the day. Dr. Kirk is amazing! I went from extreme pain while just trying to stand to running a 5k. I can walk and exercise without pain. I can play with my kids again and even stand for long periods of time. I got my life back! I can even wear flip flops again! You can put your trust in Dr. Kirk’s ability to care for you. I was skeptical because even surgery hadn’t helped, but after 8 short weeks of chiropractic care I can walk, stand, run and live my life again – Pain free!

Brandi S.

Jeff has been a welder for over 26 years. Through that time he has had many aches and pains that go hand and hand with the profession. However, 10 years ago he started experiencing pain and numbness in his hands that made it difficult to drive and do the thing he most loved; riding his motorcycle.

Through the years Jeff had taken medication and been to medical doctors who diagnosed him with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and told him his only option was to have surgery. Jeff had several welding co-workers who had decided to go the surgery route. After talking with them about their experience he knew that surgery was not the solution for him.

He had just about given up on ever riding his motorcycle again when he saw an article in the paper. Jeff was very skeptical, but he thought at this point he had nothing to lose.

Jeff began care in Dr. Kirk’s office and very quickly began to notice an improvement in his hand numbness. Within a week he was able to sleep all night without waking up with numbness and tingling in his hands. After 4 weeks of specific hand and wrist adjustments, as well as progressive stretching and strengthening exercises Jeff was ready to attempt the ultimate test… riding his motorcycle on a long trip. He couldn’t believe it. He rode more than 100 miles with absolutely no pain, numbness, or tingling in his hands. He was ecstatic! Jeff’s words of advice are that “for anyone with hand pain that has been told they have to have surgery, give Dr. Kirk a try. He fixed my hands and he can do the same for yours. I was skeptical at first but, I am extremely impressed and highly recommend Dr. Kirk.”

Jeff A.

P1050500.jpgI came in with back pain, pinched nerve, and easily tired. I was not able to play the piano or the guitar without pain in my back and hands. Since coming to Dr. Kirk my problems are mostly solved. I am back to my daily routines and enjoy having less pain.

My fingers were hanging up in the joints and causing me severe pain that would require splinting until the pain passed. The joints were red and swollen. All the redness and swelling is gone and most all of the pain and popping have subsided. Dr. Kirk is the best chiropractor I have been to yet. Genuine care and concern are just "pluses" to his expertise.

Never give up hope. Do your part, let Dr. Kirk do his part, and allow God the opportunity to do the rest. You can have a better quality of life when these elements come together.

Sheena B.

P1050498.jpgI've had problems with my back and carpal tunnel for years. Mike Napier, a pastor at my church, recommended Dr. Kirk. The first issue we tackled was my back. I was finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings or do much physical work. Dr. Kirk has relieved so much pain for me. I just keep my routine adjustments.

The carpal tunnel kept growing worse until I thought I would need surgery. I alerted my boss, but said I was going to see what Dr. Kirk could do first. So I asked Dr. Kirk. He was so confident he could solve the pain, and my wrist falling asleep. I was hardly able to sign my name without my hand and wrist falling asleep. But my trust was in Dr. Kirk. After a few weeks of treatment my wrist was so much better and I can't remember the last time it fell asleep while typing or doing my needlepoint.

I would highly recommend give Dr. Kirk the time to correct your carpal tunnel problems. Please take the time for yourself and give Dr. Kirk the chance to make you feel so much better and solve your chronic pain.

JoAnn S.

After reading a testimony in the Owasso Reporter about how a neighbor of mine had been helped with her foot pain and bunion pain I decided to go see Dr. Kirk. For about a year I had been having pain in my left foot and my right hand. I was experiencing severe pain in my hand and foot that ranged from being achy and burning to throbbing and tingling. It would even wake me up at night! My pain became so great that it made it difficult to hand quilt and needle work; which is my passion.

I went to my medical doctor and was prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine which basically covered up the pain temporarily, but it eventually came back. I was told that it was probably arthritis and that it was just part of getting old.

After receiving chiropractic adjustments to my hands and feet I fell better than ever. Dr. Kirk has been able to restore the mobility and movement in my hands and feet. Don't be afraid to see Dr. Kirk. He can do a lot to restore the movement in your body.

Dr. Kirk and his staff are the BEST! His staff took care of contacting my insurance company and knew exactly what the insurance would pay and what I would pay. Dr. Kirk always explained what he was doing to get my wrist and feet back to correct alignment. I would recommend anyone suffering from any pain to visit Dr. Kirk. HE CAN HELP!

Pam G.

P1050477.jpgIn 2008 after 20 years in the aviation industry I developed a weakness and pain in my hands and arms. After seeking treatment through traditional means i.e. surgery my symptoms were gone and I felt great. About two months after returning to work my symptoms started to slowly return. In 2010, I sought additional treatment. By then the symptoms were worse than ever before. I was sent to extensive physical therapy until I exhausted all my workman's comp. benefits. The physical therapy was largely ineffective. My wife suggested Dr. Kirk, being initially skeptical, I tried his therapy. The results have been spectacular. My hands have not felt this good in years. Although my hands will probably never be 100%, I am at a level of no pain and little stiffness. Dr. Kirk has helped me when no one else could.

Try chiropractic care first! Before any invasive surgery. Do all home care therapy, and keep all appointments. If you will do this, you will see results.

Daniel W.

THOMAS, D..jpgI continue to enjoy Dr. Kirk's excellence in chiropractic care. He has cared for my spinal needs, as well as adjusting my shoulders, hands, knees, and feet. Being a dentist it is extremely important for me to keep my back and extremities in good working order. I look forward to benefiting from how Dr. Kirk will continue to elevate his care of me and my family. I highly value his friendship and his character. His office staff is very respectful, efficient, and caring with everything they do.

Dr. Kirk has helped many of my friends improve the quality of their life and health. I'm confident that he can help you too!

Dr. Dirk T.

I came in to see Dr. Kirk for a totally different reason then my wrist. But after examining my wrist, Dr. Kirk began to adjust them. What a difference. I am a quilter and use my hands and wrist a lot in sewing and cutting. Sometimes after several hours of quilting, my wrists and hands would be so sore the next morning, it would take me mid-day to get them working again. Now I don't have that problem at all.

I was also dropping things frequently; it was like I did not have a grip. Again, after several adjustments with Dr. Kirk, I do not have that problem anymore.

Thank you Dr. Kirk for looking beyond my "other" aches and pains and helping me regain what I wasn't even aware I had lost.

Linda H.

Sarah_D.___Family.jpgI was in pain daily taking 800mg of ibuprofen just to get through the day. The back of my neck was swollen and by the end of the day I was laying down with ice, thinking "Is this what chronic pain is like?" After about 4 visits to Dr. Kirk my headaches, that were daily, were gone completely. My neck was no longer swollen and I haven't needed ibuprofen at all. I only feel a caring atmosphere from Dr. Kirk and his staff. They go above and beyond to help me with my goal of health. My children now see Dr. Kirk. If I had not started my children now my daughter's scoliosis may not have been noticed until it progressed into something much worse. Chiropractic care helps our family feel our best!

I would hope anyone who is hesitant about trying chiropractic care will consider the results that I have experienced. It has only given me positive results and I get excited when I have an appointment because I feel at my best after my adjustment.

Sarah D.

COLE, P.jpgFor years I struggled with chronic lower back pain. There were times when the slightest twist or turn would leave me in excruciating pain! It affected my ability to bend and lift things at all times of the day. Finally, in desperation I followed the advice of a friend and made an appointment with Dr. Kirk. I found some relief almost immediately. Through consistent wellness care my spinal health has never been better.

I would encourage any one with back or neck issues to go see Dr. Kirk. I believe it could be the best decision you could ever make for your health!

Page C.

OleMissRebels.jpg My testimony is unique in that I am a patient, but I have also worked for Dr. Kirk as a chiropractic assistant. He has not only helped me, but I have seen countless others helped through his assistance. I have been going to Dr. Kirk since my softball playing days at the University of Mississippi. I no longer have the urge to pop my my back each morning before I get out of bed. I no longer have headaches on a daily basis. I truely believe one of the reasons I don't get sick very often is because I am consistent in going to see Dr. Kirk for regular adjustments.

Not only is Dr. Kirk great, but his chiropractic assistants Brooke and Erin are wonderful. They greet you with a smile and make you feel welcomed! I wouldn't go any place else! Chiropractic care should be one of the first steps you take in living a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic works!

Mandy S.

Stack, T..jpgI'm 48 and when I first went to Dr. Kirk 11 years ago I had lower back pain. I have been weight training for over 30 years which consisted of body building and power lifting. Dr. Kirk performed a detailed examination and explained to me what was causing my pain. His spinal adjustments have allowed me to continue doing what I love to do. What separates him from other doctors that I've seen is when he drove more than a 100 miles to see me compete in the Oklahoma State Power Lifting Championships in 2000. I had no idea he was coming. Dr. Kirk is a true professional with character that extends to his wife Holly and office staff. I won 3 state championships along the way because of Kirk Chiropractic and their ability to help me feel better and continue to lift. Over the years I have seen many improvements in the office. Dr. Kirk treats his patients like they were family!

I want to thank Dr. Kirk, his family, and his staff for being kind and courteous to me and all the patients he has cared for!

Tom S.

P1050514.jpgI first met Dr. Kirk in 2002-2004. Towards the end of that I was in a car wreck and got a new job and moved. I received 2 years of therapy (PT) for those injuries. Then I had spinal surgery, abdominal surgery and many other physically challenging experiences.

Subsequent doctors, therapies, medications and then........ I saw an ad in the Owasso paper for carpal tunnel therapy. I did not realize it was Dr. Kirk. Not only was I grateful to be back at Kirk Chiropractic, but in 3 weeks I am pain free for the first time in 8 years!

Not all chiropractors are: good, run their businesses effective or ethically. I'm grateful that Dr. Kirk is an honest man who communicates effectively regarding all aspects of his practice.

Kim O.

Brenda_T..jpgWhen I came to see Dr. Kirk I was having neck pain and headaches that I had struggled with for years. Sometimes my headaches would get so bad that I just had to lie down. As a nurse for 20 years and the primary care giver to my family I did not feel I had the time to do anything about my pain. I always knew that chiropractic might help me but, I would not take the time for myself. Finally, I gave in and made an appointment. After the first 2 weeks of chiropractic treatment I felt like a new person. My neck and shoulder muscles felt so good they were virtually weightless. The headaches I was having were also gone. I had a renewed spring in my step that I had not had for several years. I realize now that sometimes you don't know how bad you feel until you feel good again.

I would like to encourage anyone who tries to do it all for others to stop and take some time for themselves. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kirk for what his care has done for me!

Brenda T.

I had been having pain in my wrists and elbows for some time. The pain was constantly dull, achy, and tingling. The pain got so bad it was keeping me up at night.

I chose Dr. Kirk because I knew he believed it is important to adjust all the joints in the body and not just the spine and neck. Dr. Kirk adjusted my wrist, elbow and thumb and I no longer have pain.

Definitely try chiropractic. It can change your life for the better!

Jan G.

How do I express what over fifteen years of chiropractic care under Dr. Kirk has benefited my quality of life? Well, here it goes:

I started chiropractic care with Dr. Kirk in my mid forties while actively doing aerobics and teaching school, keeping up with three children, etc. Things are slowing down a little more (not to my liking) now that I am in my early sixties.

Without Dr. Kirk's care, my guess is I'd be walking bent over, had to have hand surgery(ies) from all my painting, probably would have had to go to medical doctor more than once or twice a year, and had major feet problems to contend with from all the standing I do teaching.

I believe I am a walking testimony of using chiropractic care to be able to maintain an active, quality life as I still teach elementary school, enjoy being with children and grandchildren and doing other activities which include the gym (strength/conditioning), walking, and biking for leisure.

Thank you Dr. Kirk, for your great professional care throughout all these years.

Debbie S.

Doris_R..jpgI first started seeing Dr. Kirk in the late 1990's when I hurt my neck and back in a car accident and couldn't move without pain everyday. After he treated me for the injuries I sustained in the accident I continue to see him on a wellness basis for neck and back relief. I have continuous stress in my life caring for my mother for the last 4 years. Dr. Kirk has helped me to control the stress and pain in my life, as well as, my carpal tunnel and sinus problems. I am so glad that I found Dr. Kirk. He has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I trust him, basically, with my life!

Dr. Kirk and his staff are a blessing. They are all the sweetest and kindest people you would ever want to know. I would highly recommend Dr. Kirk to anyone!

Doris R.

P1050336.jpgMy husband had seen a different chiropractor and he didn't feel they were helping him. He began to see results with Dr. Kirk's treatment and recommended that I see him too. When I came to see Dr. Kirk initially I had really bad back pain. My back had bothered me for years after lifting a quadriplegic into a chair. While receiving treatments Dr. Kirk noticed that I was wearing a wrist brace and commented that he could help me with my carpal tunnel pain as well. I started having pain in my wrists from lifting 50 pound bags of horse feed and they would freeze up to the point that I could barely move them. Dr. Kirk has made my wrists fully functional again and with his adjustments have made it possible for me to continue to lift heavy objects and stay pain free.

Dr. Kirk can run his fingers down my back and find exactly where I'm hurting before I say a word. Between my back pain that was so bad I was close to surgery and my carpal tunnel pain I'm thankful that I'm doing better now.

Jan B.

Janice heard of Dr. Kirk’s success with foot pain and decided to call his office to see if he could help with her bunion pain. Janice had tried many methods to alleviate her sharp foot pain from various doctors, over the counter medications, and simply resting them. Nothing seemed to work. Her bunions were getting so bad that it was difficult for her to walk and it seemed like all of her shoes were getting too narrow due to her ever-expanding bunions.

After several weeks of care Janice was excited to share her experience of being pain free and once again being able to wear all of her shoes with no discomfort. Janice’s advice to others; “life’s way too short to hurt, so give Dr. Kirk’s office a call and see what a difference he can make in your life.”

Janice H.

For years I had been having constant back and hand pain. The pain ranged from dull to sharp and shooting to numb and burning. I had gotten to the point where just about everything I did resulted in pain in my back and hands. I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but at the urging of a friend I decided to go and give Dr. Kirk a try.

I was amazed with the results not only in my back, but also my hands. I am living proof that chiropractic works.

Joe M.

I started seeing Dr. Kirk because my hands had been hurting 4-5 months. I felt the achy, throbbing pain every minute of every day. I especially noticed the pain when I was gripping or shaking hands.

I saw an article in the paper about Dr. Kirk and how he specializes in hand conditions. Dr. Kirk started adjusting my hands and I was feeling better in no time. I have used chiropractic in the past for my back and neck, but this was the first time for my hands.

I highly recommend Dr. Kirk for his extremity and spinal care. It is so much better than taking pills or having surgery. Dr. Kirk and his staff are great!

Carolyn K.

Jennings, C..jpgI am so fortunate that Dr. Kirk came into my life nearly 15 years ago. When I first started my treatment I was hurting constantly. My neck and back were in terrible shape. I still come in for a weekly treatment and because of it, I have a life that is so much more pain free. My neck and back have not deteriorated further and over the years Dr. Kirk has adjusted my shoulders, knees, and feet which have all benefited greatly from his treatments. Life is certainly better because of Dr. Kirk.

I would recommend Dr. Kirk to those who are looking for chiropractic care. Not only will the treatments help the immediate need, but they will also help with overall health.

Carolyn J.

Finch.jpgDr. Kirk has attended to both my wife and I. He has helped us regain a more active lifestyle. Chiropractic care keeps me more balanced and has allowed me to begin an exercise routine. The staff at Kirk Chiropractic is very friendly and always has a smile on their face. You can tell they genuinely enjoy their jobs which makes the doctor visit more enjoyable. I rarely have any wait time for my appointment. In 4 years I have been going to Dr. Kirk my longest wait has been no more than 5 minutes. Most doctors could take a lesson from this office.

I am very happy and confident in referring friends and family to Dr. Kirk. I know the thought of having someone "adjust" your spine can be intimidating, however pills just treat the symptoms. Chiropractic works on the cause of the problem. You wouldn't treat a broken leg with an aspirin! Give chiropractic a chance. You only have the PAIN to lose!

Scott F.

Hilliard.jpgI started seeing Dr. Kirk when I was 16. I injured my back playing basketball and it was almost unbearable to sit in chairs at school. I suffered with low back pain for 4 months when a friend of mine on the basketball team referred me to Dr. Kirk's office. Chiropractic care helped me so much and now that I'm 25 I continue to come in for low back pain as well as tension in my neck from stress. I feel much more relaxed after my adjustments!

I would definitely recommend anyone suffering with back or neck pain to come see Dr. Kirk. I think it will surprise you how well you will feel after just a few visits!

Nichole H.

Green J.jpg I have had periodic low back pain for years that occasionally was so intense that I could barely get around. Since seeing Dr. Kirk my low back pain is almost non-existent. I believe that Dr. Kirk has kept me away from having surgery that was advised by my medical doctor.

If Dr. Kirk can relieve my problems I believe he can help you too!

John G.

For the last decade I had experienced low back pain off and on and I'm only 31. This episode I had severe constant low back pain that was sharp, numb, and shooting down my leg. It was very difficult to lift, bend, turn, get up from a chair, do chores, and even sneezing hurt. I was hurting so bad I knew I had to do something, but I was scared to go to a chiropractor. My parents suggested Dr. Kirk and said he had done a great job for them.

My back feels great now! I can do any activity I want to do. I would encourage anyone who is apprehensive to go to a chiropractor to see Dr. Kirk. It feels great to get treatment from the inside out.

Jennifer P.

Burns N.jpgWhen I first saw Dr. Kirk I could not bend over to tie my shoes. Dr. Kirk's treatments have been a life saver. Not only did he treat my pain, he has helped me to live my life well.

Dr. Kirk and his staff are professional and incredibly gifted at Chiropractic care! You will not find a better office anywhere!

Nate B.

I had been having achy, sharp pains in my neck and lower back for the better part of the last year. It had gotten so bad that if I stood or walked for any length of time pain would radiate down my left leg.

I had been to my medical doctor and he had recommended exercising and pain medication. After that did not work her referred me to Dr. Kirk. I had never been to a chiropractor and I was very skeptical.

With Dr. Kirk's help I am now able to walk and stand without hurting. I followed Dr. Kirk's recommendation's and I have not taken any pain medications since the first week of care. Be patient and chiropractic care will work for you as well!

Ruth L.

JENNINGS, T..jpgMy wife and I have attended the same church as Dr. Kirk since 1996. We chose him for our chiropractic needs because we have the utmost confidence in him both professionally and personally. Over the the years Dr. Kirk has helped us with everything from neck and low back pain to extremely painful rib pain. We continue see him on a regular basis for wellness care. The joy and peace of mind his friendly and professional service has given us has been magnificent!

Our general health has significantly improved and we would recommend Dr. Kirk to anyone! Dr. Kirk is the best!

Travis J.

WARREN, K..jpgWhen I first started seeing Dr. Kirk I had disabling pain and numbness. Since that time Dr. Kirk has adjusted my spine, shoulders, and hands to decrease the incidences to a minimal amount.

You may feel like your pain is unlikely to ever subside, but rest assured Dr. Kirk is a very dependable and knowledgeable man of God that will continue to work with you until you are comfortable on a daily basis.

Kim W.

P1050506.jpgI was scheduled to have surgery on my right foot when a co-worker suggested I try chiropractic treatment because she had a similar condition and Dr. Kirk helped her. I'd had several injections in both feet and wore orthotics and inserts for over a year. I could barely walk from the pain and exercise was out of the question.

After 8 weeks of treatment with Dr. Kirk I am now back to my daily exercising with very little discomfort. Usually the stretching and ice treatments helps with the aching. He also helped with the chronic neck and lower back pain that I have experienced for years. Before you have any type of surgery on your back, neck or any extremities give this a try first. I'm so glad I did.

Sharon C.

P1050505.jpgFor several years I have seen Dr. Kirk for lower back problems and have recently been interrupted with my treatments due to chemotherapy and radiation. When persistent migraines could not be treated with medication I consulted Dr. Kirk. He was able to determine I had a pinched nerve in my neck and treatment has relieved me of the daily migraines I suffered for almost a year. It was a blessing to find out what was causing my migraines instead of masking the pain.

Medicine comes in all forms, not just a prescription.

Kelly F.

I had been having trouble with my low back off and on since high school. When I first saw Dr. Kirk I had constant sharp shooting low back pain that made it very hard to sleep, get up or down to a chair, and even doing my daily activities was difficult. After trying to rest my back and take ibuprofen I finally gave in and went to see Dr. Kirk at my dad's suggestion.

After getting care from Dr. Kirk my back is no longer sore and painful all the time. I would encourage anyone to just try chiropractic. It helped me and it can help you too.

Nathan C.


I was referred to Dr. Kirk's office by a friend who had great success with her spinal care. I am very happy and appreciative because Dr. Kirk has also made my neck and back pain feel much better. More than anything I want to thank Dr. Kirk for being more than just a doctor to our family. I trust him very much and consider him a friend.

My daughters have also been helped by Dr. Kirk. They were treated for scoliosis that was detected by Dr. Kirk. Thank you Dr. Kirk for everything that you have done for my family and I.

Claudia H.

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  • "After 10 years and three chiropractors who couldn't or didn't really care, I finally found Dr Kirk and his team. Together they healed my back pain and restored my faith in their profession. Within thirty minutes i found out why I was hurting and within twenty four hours Dr. Kirk had a plan on how to make me better. I cant thank you all enough. I'm doing things I thought I would never be able to do again. I am eternally grateful. If you need help, give them a call, and you will actually get the, respect, concern, and care you need."
    Dusty C. / Owasso, OK

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